Oppertunities for Budding Entrepreneurs and Students - Stunotes.com

Oppertunities for Budding Entrepreneurs and Students - Stunotes.com

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Hello Everyone,

We got a wonderful opportunity to help the “YOUNG AND PASSIONATE ENTREPRENEURS.”

We, the members of Stunotes, describe one of the famous personalities i.e., Shri Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, who has been a member of Maharashtra council and was elected to Lok Sabha twice. He has been a member of standing committee on coal & steel and committees on privileges, railway convention, public undertakings and welfare of other backward classes (OBCs).

As a member of parliament, he earned respect of his more seasoned colleagues by his active participation in parliamentary work. In recognition of his work, he was inducted as union minister of state for chemicals & fertilizers and held this post till his taking over as minister of state in ministry of home affairs.

We had fortunately got a chance to interact with SHRI.  HANSRAJ GANGARAM AHIR garu to discuss entrepreneurship ideas of stunotes.

We would like to invite you people to join us with your new and innovative ideas. Through stunotes, we want to reach out everyone who has true passion and are waiting for an opportunity to show their capabilities. We will support your ideas and help you implement them by funding your projects and helping out in improving your ideas .

So all you young entrepreneurs out there with innovative ideas and creative minds  just step forward and share your ideas with stunotes and we will be your helping hand for success. Thank you for choosing stunotes and we try our level best to support everyone.

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